Aylesbury Chaplains

Volunteer chaplains are out and about in the town centre to be a friendly presence for shoppers and others visiting or working in the town.  Since July 2012 a team of chaplains have been around during the week, based mainly in the two shopping centres. Our current town centre chaplains are Margaret (usually Tuesdays & Wednesdays), Melissa (Tuesdays in Friars Square), Jean (Wednesday in Friars Square), Ken (Fridays) and Marie (Sundays).  Mark is also in the town centre at least once a week. 

Through simple friendships chaplains are able to offer an independent, impartial and confidential ear for those who want personal support and can also be made available to those who want to discuss spiritual needs or receive prayer.

 They are also available to serve in local companies, organisations, retail outlets and shopping malls to develop long-term relationships with management, employees and customers.

Since July 2014 Judith has been Chaplain  at the Healthy Living Centre on Walton Court, on Wednesdays.  Mark also is part of the Chaplaincy Service at Aylesbury Police Station.  From March 2016 Edna has been Chaplain to Morrisons, Aylesbury and during February 2019 we are re-starting Chaplaincy at Aylesbury Vale District Council, with our current Chaplain, Pam there at the moment. We currently have a vacancy for a Chaplain at Bucks County Council.

Since September 2017 we've had Chaplains at Aylesbury College (Kane), University Campus Aylesbury Vale (Marlene) and the Waterside Theatre (Alastair).

We are members of the Alliance of Town & City Chaplaincies - more details here